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Mini Quad Circuit

Take your little ones to release all their energy and adrenaline! Where? In a circuit of fun and adventures with the Mini Quads, small replicas of Quads for adults, with a gasoline engine. The activity consists of a tour of 15 minutes on a circuit adapted for little ones. An activity they shouldn´t miss! The Mini Quads have a speed limit control and are perfectly safe. In addition, the monitor will give the children instructions on both the operation of the Quad, and the way they should behave on the circuit with the other little ones. They will love it! Curves, adrenaline and speed in a safe and fun circuit. What a great time they will have!  
Duration: 15minuts

Include Guide • Includes Helmet • It is mandatory to have the presence of a responsible adult • We recommend sunglasses, sun cream, warm clothes, sports or mountain sports shoes (not included) Operations from July 1 until September 15 from 10 am to 4 pm


12,00€ ( 5-16 YEARS )

per child